Reasons you didn’t get white teeth

Some dentists advise that there are lots of measures which one can take to whiten your teeth but you have to give a big sum for that. People are often unable to help their dental situation and pay the exact amount because nobody is akin to stained teeth. Teeth’s staining is a part of growing old but it doesn’t mean that aging is the only reason of teeth staining. Dentist at association of teeth whitening in Dubai pointed out some reasons other than aging. So here take a look at more info about it:

Observe your food: There are many food items which will cause staining to your teeth. These may include Coffee, tea, cola drinks or even green can avoid staining by leaving these items totally or taking them in a very low quantity. Green smoothies are also included in this list but if you consume the green vegetables in raw forms they will help in whitening your teeth.

Never rely on your toothpaste: Although there are many tooth paste advertisements in which they say that their tooth paste will whiten your teeth and make your smile a mega-watt smile but reality is that the whitening agents used in those tooth pastes are not potent enough to remove your teeth stains. They have some effect or remove the temporary stains like of coffee and cigarettes but they do not work internally. Also there is a disadvantage of using tooth paste which has abrasive ingredients in it that your teeth become sensitive over the period of time as these abrasive ingredients may affect your teeth enamel and destroy it.

Childhood: Another thing which cannot be treated is that the condition called fluorosis which will flourish during your childhood. This happens when a child consume too much amount of fluoride which is present in flavored popsicles, potatoes and baby food. In this condition white spots or lines occur at the surface of the teeth and it is very difficult to treat.

Fake ones: If at any stage of your life due to any reason you mount fake teeth then they will not get whiter by the process of bleaching because of their material which is obviously different from your real teeth. That’s why if any one opts for the whitening process then he should change the fake teeth to get them matching.